What is the better clearance of the brake pad mold,china supplier

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Among the various quality and performance indicators of the brake pad mold, the brake pad mold gap is very important.

The setting of mold gap is mainly based on the following aspects:

(1) The heating fluidity of the formula of the brake pad friction material. The general principle is that the fluidity of the brake pad material is better when the brake pad material is heated and pressed, and the mold gap should be set to be smaller, so as to avoid or reduce too much flash when the mold is pressed. , But the gap should not be too small, otherwise it will easily cause the mold to heat up, fail to release the mold, and easily cause scratches on the mold cavity.

(2) The temperature of the brake pad mold when it is pressed, because the mold gap is different at room temperature and when it is heated. What we have to do is to ensure that the mold gap is even and reasonable when the mold is heated.

The general situation is:

1. When the punch (mold core) is heated, its size is enlarged. The specific increase is related to the material and shape of the mold. There are calculation formulas for reference.

2. For the mold cavity (concave mold), the size of the brake pad cavity is also enlarged during heating, but the amount of expansion is different from that of the punch (mold core). In many cases, how much the expansion of the cavity is the same as that of the concave mold. The shape has a lot to do with it.

(3) Facilitate the venting of the mold. In order to facilitate the venting during press molding, the mold gap should not be too small, and it needs to be determined according to the formula.

(4) Generally, we hope that when the mold is working (heated state), the unilateral gap of the mold is 0.1-0.15,

(5) The shape of the punch is designed, sometimes in order to prevent the flashing mold from adopting a small gap, but in order to meet the needs of exhaust, an exhaust groove can be added to the punch.

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