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12 cavity bus brake pad mold, truck brake pad mold, custom mold, brake pad mold factory



800T bus brake pad mould feeding box, truck brake pad mould feeding box

The features of this feeding box are:

1. The cavity material is nylon, the pumping plate is stainless steel, and it is equipped with a handle

2. The middle mold is moved out of the press to complete the feeding, put the steel back and take out the product

3. Shorten the time required to add raw materials to the mold

4. The feeding box is installed on the rotatable frame to reduce the labor intensity of employees

5. Төмөнкү калыптар үчүн:

Bus brake pad mould, truck brake pad mould, train brake pad mould, construction machinery brake pad mould, drum mould

Баскычты колдонуу: 800T
Өлчөмү: 1050X1000X130
Калыптын материалы: N66 SUS304
Other accessories: handles and drawers