Preform mold with steel back process hole plug, brake pad mold

The preformed material blocks produced by the usual preforming molds have a relatively large disadvantage:

After the preformed block is placed in the hot-pressing mold and the hot-pressing is completed, the part of the steel back hole is prone to lack of material.

Now this mold can solve this problem very well.

The features of this mold are:

(1) There are small pits in the corresponding parts of the punch

(2) The produced preforms have protrusions

(3) For production: passenger car brake pads, truck brake pads, CV brake pads

The main parameters of the mold are as follows:

Use press: 200t
Dimensions: 240X180X180
Mould material: SKD11
Mold hardness: HRC55-60
Surface treatment: hard chromium plating
Other accessories: no