IAG Press Line Hot Press Mold


Special mold for IAG pressing production line

(1) The IAG hot pressing die is mainly composed of three parts: steel back bracket, feeding part and pressing part

(2) The steel back bracket is used to place the steel back, which can realize the automatic grabbing of the steel back.

(3) The material of the feeding box is 7072 aluminum alloy, which is used to add raw materials into the mold, including feeding, flattening and pre-pressing.

(4) The quenching + tempering + nitriding treatment of the concave die and the die core is the main working part, which completes the forming of the brake pad product.

Each cavity has a separate working cylinder, and the iso-density pressing mold has high precision, high hardness and long life.

(5) This brake pad hot pressing mold is a special mold for IAG pressing production line

(6)There are a variety of mold specifications

The main parameters of the mold are as follows:

Use press: 40 tX4,    IAG Pressing production line
Dimensions: 305X205X90 / 400X300X120 / 380X280X105
Mould material: 1.2379 / 1.2343 / 1.2379
Mold hardness: HRC56-58
Surface treatment: hard chromium plating, nitriding
Other accessories: Fully automatic