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This mold is a two-time molding process and requires pre-molding.

The features of this mold are:

1. The mold is simple, the thickness of the cavity plate is the thickness of the friction material

2. Adding raw materials is to use pre-formed raw material blocks

3. There are handles and hinges, and the mold is pulled out of the press to feed and take products

4. High production efficiency

5. It can produce brake pads with good formula fluidity and brake pads with poor formula fluidity

6. The disadvantage of this mold is: it is not easy to ensure the density consistency of each cavity

7. Mainly used for the following molds:

brake lining molds,Drum brake pad mould,brake lining mold,brake pad mould,brake mould,brake shoes mold


Use press: 300T
Dimensions: 450X400X(20-30)
Mould material: SAE4140
Mold hardness: HRC43-47, HRC38-42
Surface treatment: hard chromium
Other Accessories handle, hinge