Brake pad flat mold, hot stamping mold

The flat plate hot stamping mold is a relatively simple mold structure. It is a brake pad mold structure that existed decades ago. Now many brake pad factories are still using it in large quantities.

The characteristics of this mold are:

(1) The use of multi-layer workbench presses, multiple sets of mold cycles, high production efficiency.

(2) Pre-formed material blanks are required, and the feeding is fast.

(3) The disadvantage is: the effective cavity thickness of the mold is the product thickness, and the product density of different cavities will be different. (Because when suppressing, the amount of overflow produced is different)

The main parameters of the mold are as follows:

Use press: 400 tons, six-layer or three-layer
Dimensions: 455X405X(25-35)
Mould material: SAE4140
Mold hardness: HRC43-47, or HRC38-42
Surface treatment: Nitriding, hard chromium plating, nitriding + hard chromium plating
Other accessories: hinges and handles