Flat hot pressing mold


The mold has the following characteristics:

(1) The flat die needs to be used together with the preforming die

(2) The mold material has high hardness, high toughness, and will not crack

(3) Light weight and easy to operate

(4) Surface hard chrome plating 0.025

(5)Suitable for the following molds:

4140 brake die steel,brake and clutch machinery,train braking system,Disc Brake pad moulds ,intergrally molded brake pad,brake mould,break the mold,bus brake mold,

The main parameters of the mold are as follows:

Use press: 400 t, six-layer or three-layer
Dimensions: 400X310X(25-35)
Mould material: Die special steel
Mold hardness: HRC43-47,
Surface treatment: hard chromium plating, nitriding + hard chromium plating
Other accessories: guide post