Precision temperature control brake pad mold

How can the brake pad mold better control the temperature and keep the temperature uniform?

(1) It is very important that the temperature of the brake pad mold is uniform when working

(2) In order to ensure the uniform temperature of the mold, there should be temperature detection points around the cavity, and the heating elements should be controlled separately

(3) The cavity plate of this mold has 5 temperature measurement points, which are the positions of 1 2 3 4 5

(4) The two mold cores have two temperature measurement points, and each thermocouple controls two electric heating tubes

(5) Temperature temperature deviation<±3°C

(6)Auxiliary parts: thermocouple, electric heating tube, aviation plug, heat shield

The main parameters of the mold are as follows:

Use press: 100T 200T
Dimensions: 610X590X230
Mould material: 1.2767
Mold hardness: HRC48-53
Main process name: Blanking