Brake Pad Preforming Mold, Cold Press Mold, Press Mold, Brake Pad Mold Customization



Brake Pad Preforming Mould, Cold Press Mould, Press Mould

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The characteristics of this mold are: different from ordinary automatic weighing pre-forming molds, the steel back and friction block are pressed together during pre-forming.

(1) There is a thin plate under the forming cavity plate, and the steel back is installed on the thin plate

(2) Automatically launch the product after the pressing is completed

(3) The steel back process hole can be well filled with raw materials, which is conducive to the work of the hot pressing process

(4)For the following molds :

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The main parameters of the mold are as follows:

Use press: 200 t
Dimensions: 256X206X325
Mould material: 1.2379
Mold hardness: HRC55-58
Surface treatment: hard chromium plating