Brake pad preforming mold, China factory


The pre-forming mold is specially used to produce pre-formed blocks of brake pad materials. The purpose is to pre-press the raw materials for thermoforming into blocks, which is convenient for feeding during the hot pressing process, and it can reduce the material cavity of the hot pressing mold. space.

The characteristics of this mold are:

(1) Can produce quickly

(2) Automatic weighing

(3) Disadvantages: There are weighing errors, and the quality of each preform is slightly different

The main parameters of the mold are as follows:

Use press: 200 t
Dimensions: 256X206X305
Mould material: 1.2080
Mold hardness: HRC48-52
Surface treatment: hard chromium plating

Applicable Products:

disc brake alignment tool
mico disc brake
brake linings